Do you sometimes find yourself excluded from having fun simply because your friends, colleagues or family are already in relationships, or have other family commitments?

As we work closely with our members, we continually receive requests and suggestions from our members and we do our best to accommodate these – whether they be more slower paced activities such as dancing, dog walking or coffee-and-cake groups, where members can mix and chat, or whether they be slightly more daring activities such as paint balling, go-karting and ice-skating etc.

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Some things in life are simply more fun when done with other people – going to the cinema, eating out and so on. That is why we have launched our Activities service – the place where you can meet like-minded people, and engage in some fun activities that you might never have tried on your own, or that would not have been as much fun had you have done them by yourself.

At Insync Matchmaking, we understand the frustration and disappointment many singles face when they want to live a full and interesting life but don’t have anyone to share the experiences with.

Due to us personally getting to know each of our members, we are able to introduce everybody to each other in an individualised manner, making the introduction process easier. Our team members are always at hand should anyone feel awkward or uncomfortable.

We are currently looking at organising days out, mini breaks and holidays based on suggestions we have received from our members.

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Each month we host exciting singles events exclusively for our members, with no public advertising. This ensures that everyone attending our events are like-minded singles who are there to have fun and meet that someone special.


Whilst internet dating and dating apps can work for some people, we have found that this impersonal method is not for everybody. Everybody is unique so we prefer to work personally with each of our members.


Meet like-minded singles whilst engaging in some fun activities that you may never have tried on your own, or that may not have been so much fun on your own.